Raw, Vegan, Sugar-Free Chocolate!

Its one of those days, where its overcast, rainy and all you want to do is curl up in a little ball around your favourite tea while watching movies that consist of beautiful people. For me, I just caught up on this weeks episode of ‘The Hour’ as I just can’t get enough of Ben Whishaw.

Watching this show with all its charm and sexual tension makes me in the mood for Romance and love… well more or less I just wanted to get my endorphines a little bit excited… and what better way to do it but through chocolate! So I made myself a batch of My New Roots chocolate, which I have been wanting to cook in so long.

This chocolate, was soo easy to whip up, so in no time I was on my couch curled around home made, vegan, sugar-free chocolate, while watching the movie Bright Star.


Here is the link to the recipe http://http://mynewroots.org/site/2012/05/ecstatic-raw-chocolate-3/

I made around half the amount than what was suggested in the Ecstatic Raw Chocolate recipe and I chose to make mine coconut and mint flavoured, but you don’t have to do that. If you click on the link, Sarah Britton from MyNewRoots suggest lots of flavour combinations and the full measurements.

She also gives you the run down on the benefits of using Cacao.

I also put my chocolate in tiny chocolate moulds that I got from the 2 dollar shop, just because they look pretty.

I found that the dates in this recipe were really nice and chewy. When I was preparing them, I heated mine up for a couple of seconds, which made the process of mashing them up a lot easier especially if you are using packet dates and not fresh Medjool dates.

I think next time I’m going to try this recipe with agave instead of dates so I can add in some chopped up nuts to add a bit of crunch.

The chocolate I made was nice and bitter, not powerfully sweet, which is just how I like it. But if you prefer to have your chocolate a little bit sweeter, maybe add in a couple of tsp of agave or honey.


 50g       Pitted Dates mashed

15-20g Cacao powder

45g      Cacao butter

A couple of drops of Peppermint extract

A couple of drop of Vanilla extract

1 Tblsp of Shredded Coconut

A pinch of flaky Sea Salt



Mash up your Dates with a folk on a hard surface. If you are having trouble, heat them up for a couple of seconds, or remove the skins if they are tough. Don’t soak them.

In a glass bowl over water ( make sure the water doesn’t touch the glass bowl) or you can use a double bowler, heat up some hot water over medium-low heat. Add the Cacao butter in the glass bowl to let it melt.

 Once melted, add in the extracts and Salt, mix.

Mix in the Cacao butter. Once remove from heat and fold in the Shredded Coconut and Dates. It may be hard to fold in the dates at this point, so Sarah suggests to refrigerate until the chocolate firms up a bit.

Once the mixture is good to go, get a teaspoon and carefully place the mixture in your tiny moulds. Make sure you apply the tiniest pressure to try and get rid of as many gaps as possible on the bottom. Place the moulds in the fridge or if you are too impatient, put them in the freezer. Once they are set, take them out of their moulds, put on a DVD and curl up in a blanket and indulge in this healthy chocolate goodness!